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martyrology 05-16-22

At Gubbio, of St. Ubaldus, bishop, renowned for miracles.-In Isauria, the birthday of the holy martyrs Aquilinus and Victorian.-At Auxerre, the passion of St. Peregrinus, first bishop of that city. He was sent into Gaul with other clergymen by the blessed pope Xystus, and having fulfilled the office of preaching the Gospel, he merited an everlasting crown by being condemned to capital punishment.-At Uazalis, in Africa, of the holy martyrs Felix and Gennadius.-In Palestine, the martyrdom of holy monks, massacred by the Saracens in the monastery of St. Sabas.-In Persia, of the holy martyrs Audas, bishop, seven priests, nine deacons and seven virgins, who endured various kinds of torments under king Isdegerdes, and thus gloriously consummated their martyrdom.- At Prague, in Bohemia, of St. John Nepomucen, canon of the metropolitan church, who being tempted in vain to betray the secret of confession, was cast into the river Moldau, and thus won the palm of martyrdom.-At Amiens, in France, of St. Honoratus, bishop.-At Le Mans, of St. Domnolus, bishop.-At Mirandola, in Aimilia, of St. Possidius, bishop of Calame, disciple of St. Augustine, and the author of his glorious life-At Troyes, of St. Fidolus, confessor.-In Ireland, of of St. Brendan, abbot.-At Fréjus, of St. Maxima, virgin, who, after being celebrated for many virtues, rested in peace.

Library of Congress. The Roman Martyrology. John Murphy & CO, Publishers, 1897.

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