martyrology 06-12-24

At Salamanca, in Spain, of St. John of St. Facun- dus, confessor, of the Order of the Hermits of St. Augustine, renowned for his zeal for the faith, for holiness of life, and miracles.-At Rome, on the Aurelian road, the birthday of the holy martyrs Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius, soldiers, who, in the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian, under the prefect Aurelius, were cast into prison for the confession of the Christian name, had their flesh lacerated with whips set with iron blades, and their heads struck off-At Nice, _ in Bithynia of St. Antonina, martyr, who, during the same persecution, was scourged by order of the governor Priscillian, then racked, had her sides slashed, was exposed to the fire, and lastly put to death with the sword.-In Thrace, of St. Olympius, bishop, who was expelled from his see by the Arians, and died a confessor.-At Rome, in the Vatican basilica, of St. Leo III., pope, to whom God miraculously restored his eyes plucked out and his tongue cut off by impious men.-In Cilicia, of St. Amphion, bishop, a celebrated confessor of the time of Galerius Maximian.-In Egypt, of St. Onuphrius, anchoret, who for sixty years led a religious life in a vast desert, and renowned for great virtues aid merits departed for heaven. His admirable deeds were recorded by the abbot Paphnutius.

Library of Congress. The Roman Martyrology. John Murphy & CO, Publishers, 1897.